SWOT Analysis

The merger of the former St Buryan and Paul Parish Councils has created an enlarged community. To help the Parish Council determine where we focus our time and energy to best serve the new parish, we undertook a Parish Health Check. This produced the attached SWOT Analysis which captures the Strengths, Weaknessness, Opportunities and Threats that we see affecting the parish, with particular emphasis on St Buryan and Lamorna.

Our analysis has already prompted us to undertake initiatives which we can tackle directly, including:

  • Reviewing and upgrading the way in which the footpaths and bridleways are maintained, with a new contract issued for the parish.
  • Taking an active role in doing our utmost towards ensuring that affordable housing goes to local people.
Our analysis is also helping us to influence other organisations to do something. Our purchase of two Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) has highlighted the speeding issues through St Buryan village and regular downloads of the VAS data is being shared with the authorities with a view to both enforcement and the possible introduction of a 20 mph speed limit through the village.

On balance we see the parish as a great place to live, and we want it to stay that way.

Please provide your comments on our SWOT Analysis by emailing the Clerk at stblppc@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to comment. By combining the efforts of Parish Councillors and residents in the parish this will support the Parish Council in better serving our community and provide input for any future Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

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